About Us

What we do is pretty amazing at

We expose customers who just walk out without paying their bill, or who commits Visa or MasterCard Chargeback Fraud. It doesn’t matter if you own a small or large business, you now have a website that will expose these type of customer’s shameful behavior.

If you are restaurant, barbershop, hairdresser, consultant, real estate, spa, beauty supply store, Kroger’s, Walmart, caterer, Food Lion, it does not matter you know have a website to expose these types of customer.

As a small business own myself I went through these types of scams for years and now it Is time to fight back and to stop this type of frauds and scams that are hurting millions of small and large business across American.

When customers steal it drives up the prices of our product and services to our loyal customers. At CustomerExposed.com we will expose your customer for you click to register your business and they customer you would like to expose