Tip for Business

Tip for Business:

To Combat Fraud or things you can do as a business to combat fraudTips for Business or Individuals.
Whether you work from home or at a commercial brick and mortar location this information can deter customers from theft, scams, or fraud. My motto all money is not good money. Some customers you can tell they will be a headache from the start, in that case you do Not have to service them, just advise them you think it will be best for them to seek their service elsewhere.


  • Always make a copy of the customer current ID if you sell a service.
  • Don’t accept checks unless you have the kind of system that can verify the check immediately to validate if there is funds in the customer account.
  • If you give a service collect all cash or credit up front this way you don’t have to worry if they have the funds to pay for the service.
  • Have your policies displayed, this include your refund policies, your business policies, whether kids are allowed in the treatment area etc.
  • If the customer is paying in cash make certain you have your cash marker ready to make certain that the money is real, still get an ID if you still feel Leary or something is not right, this can help you in the long run.
  • CCTV Cameras are absolutely necessary or Amazon Cameras
  • Back Up Data from your cameras
  • If you offer a service always have your customers to sign disclosures of your services.


We will be updating this list as we think of other business tips to combat customer fraud.